[Watch Now] Kid And His Mom CCTV Video


[Watch Now] Kid And His Mom CCTV Video 

Kid And His Mom CCTV Video: A mother of a five-year-old has shared footage of a scene where a child’s camera captures her sleepy yet jubilant check-in with daycare children.

>> Watch kid and his mom cctv video 👈👈

The first year of a child’s life can be tough for any new parent, especially when it comes to their sleep, or lack thereof. A survey of 1,300 parents conducted by nursery furniture company Snüz has revealed that among 10 parents, seven mothers and fathers have lost nearly three hours of sleep during their child’s first year. This equates to almost 133 nights of lost sleep even before their child turns one.

>> Watch kid and his mom cctv video 👈👈

Even after watching a video shared on TikTok by Romy Ton from Upland Hills, California, some might lose even more sleep. Ton had her twins, Angelina and Madeline, asleep while she heard the ‘pitter-patter’ starting and decided to check on them using a baby cam.

What she saw astonished her, prompting her to grab her phone and record footage for her ‘own entertainment.’ The footage was then posted on TikTok, where it has been viewed over 7.5 million times.

Through the child’s camera, Ton could clearly see that both twins were still awake. However, what caught her attention was seeing Angelina attempting to climb onto a nightstand before getting into bed. ‘She put on quite the performance, and I was recording it as it unfolded,’ Ton said.

>> Watch kid and his mom cctv video 👈👈

Ton told Newsweek that what was unfolding left her feeling torn in an ‘incredibly surreal’ way. ‘Part of me was thinking ‘I should run into her room to make sure she doesn’t fall out of her crib,’ but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the other part,’ she said. ‘I was so full of emotion and simultaneously amazed at this newfound skill.’

Though the incident cemented one thing in her mind. ‘Needless to say, I immediately got her a toddler bed for her safety,’ Ton confirmed.

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