Hijo Molusco Video Viral — Video Viral De Ocean Pabon


Hijo Molusco Video Viral — Video Viral De Ocean Pabon

In the vast landscape of viral content, a recent video featuring Ocean, the son of renowned Puerto Rican announcer Molusco, has taken the internet by storm. Titled “Video De Ocean Hijo De Molusco,” this captivating display of musical prowess has catapulted Ocean Pabon into the digital limelight, sparking widespread discussions and controversies. Let’s delve into the impact of this video, the surrounding debates, and the reactions it has garnered from both fans and critics.

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The Impact of the Video

Ocean Pabon’s rise to fame is undeniably attributed to his exceptional abilities showcased in the trending video..read more (See Video)

The clip not only mesmerized viewers with Ocean’s talent but also prompted discussions about his influence on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. The global attention garnered by this video has solidified Ocean Pabon’s status as a gifted musician, creating a buzz that extends beyond the realms of conventional entertainment news.

You can check the online user’s response and the viral video here, in this latest article about the video:

Hijo Molusco Video Viral — Video Viral De Ocean Pabon, Some Intresting Facts

Controversy Surrounding the Video

While the video has undoubtedly catalyzed Ocean Pabon’s burgeoning popularity, it has not been without its fair share of controversy.

The online community has been abuzz with discussions, and the controversy has reached new heights with the involvement of trapper Anuel AA. In his song ‘Arcángel es chota,’ Anuel references the leaked intimate video featuring Ocean, adding a layer of complexity to the ongoing discussions.

Molusco’s Reaction and Family Values

In the face of this controversy, Molusco, Ocean’s father, has not remained silent. On his radio program ‘Molusco y los reyes de la punta,’ Molusco addressed Anuel’s references to his son and passionately defended his family.

Molusco emphasized the importance of family and expressed his unwavering support for Ocean, stating that he is willing to go to great lengths to protect his children.

Molusco’s strong stance highlights the emotional toll such controversies can take on families in the public eye. He acknowledges the impact of online discussions but also emphasizes the resilience and maturity of his son, Ocean, in handling the situation.

Anuel AA’s Emotional State and Artistic Comparison

Molusco, while acknowledging Anuel AA’s fame, comments on the emotional state of the trapper, suggesting that he is not in control of his emotions. Molusco goes further to compare Anuel with Arcángel, stating his preference for the latter’s artistic prowess. This adds another layer to the ongoing feud between Anuel AA and Arcángel, creating a multifaceted narrative around the entire controversy.


The “Hijo De Molusco” phenomenon, triggered by the viral video of Ocean Pabon, continues to evolve with each passing day. The global attention, controversies, and family dynamics woven into this narrative make it a compelling topic for discussion. As the story progresses, it is imperative to stay tuned for updates on the musical prodigy, Ocean Pabon, and the ongoing debates sparked by his rise to fame.


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