Watch Full Susanna Gibson scandal Videos Having Sex Front of a Live Audience on Twitter

Susanna Gibson

Susanna Gibson and her husband livestreamed sex, causing a “scandal” that cost her a shot at a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. You can read more about it here, and their livestreamed sex tapes aren’t hard to find, either.

By the way, she’s very hot.

When I first heard about this story and saw Susanna’s quite beautiful face, the first thought I had was, “that could be Lauren.” Indeed, watching her and her husband perform all kinds of livestreamed sex acts under the handle “Hotwife Experience,” some of them kinky, it occurred to me they look like they could be friends of ours (they’re not).

It also occurred to me that, though Lauren and I have never livestreamed our naughtiness, we’ve posted some of our escapades to various sites and, like Susanna and her husband, made money from our content. In our 20s, if the scene then was what it is today, who knows what we might have done?

Then again, unlike Susanna and her husband, the content we’ve posted has never shown our faces. I question the wisdom on the part of Susanna and her husband for really putting themselves out there as they did.

“Not smart,” Lauren described it.

So here’s where I take the devil’s advocate POV. They’re married! If they’re married, why are so many people judging her? Why it is a “scandal” and an election-loser that they recorded themselves engaging in sex acts that lots of married couples do? Isn’t sex part of marriage?

And isn’t it OK for a married couple to shoot a sex tape?

These days, Lauren and I have almost all of our sex tapes — hundreds of hours of them — stored on the cloud. Some of them are insanely kinky. We’ve talked about what to do with them. We do watch them now and then. Not long ago, I joked that a few decades from now we should upload all of them for the world to enjoy. By then, what’s there to lose? Fun, eh?

I feel badly for Susanna and her husband. It’s clear they have a fun sex life and she’s quite hot.

Really, what’s the big deal?

Why Does It Matter That They Had Sex in Front of a Live Audience?

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