Watch Full Leaked Videos Lauren Returns to the Camera to Get Her Pussy Eaten and Fucked Like a Whore

 Her pussy, so smooth, fresh and tasty, never disappoints.

Note: So I have to admit: Every so often, Lauren and I do break out our cameras and pretend to be porn stars. It’s fun! Examples can be found here, and the below documents our most recent encounter. It’s all on camera and stored safely — for our eyes only.

Well, hello, there,” I say to the tall, beautiful and shapely blonde woman standing in front of me.

“Hi back,” the 5'10" bombshell responds cheerly.

“We have Lauren with us. She’s back. And, uh, she’s naked.”

“Hey, you are, too!” she retorts, smiling.

I give her a gratuitous full-body look with the GoPro on my head, and she even turns around to grace my eyes with that beautiful ass of hers.

“Lauren, we’ve had some fun on camera in the past but it’s been a few years and I’m excited to see you back.”

“Thank you. It’s good to be back.”

“Lauren, I have to say you are hotter than ever.”

“Glad you like what you see,” she says softly — seductively — before giggling.

“You’re 49?” I ask.

She nods yes.

“Goddamn, you are walking proof that women in their late 40s can still be sensationally hot.”

She giggles and then: “Well, I have it on good authority that you may have recently hit the big 5–0, and I have to say you still look quite hot yourself.”

“Thank you, baby,” I say, feeling so grateful to have this wonderful woman as my wife, though right now we’re role-playing and I’m trying not to think of her as my wife but rather as a porn star.

“You must work out. What do you do?” I ask.

“I run every day, usually quite long on Saturday or Sunday. I lift weights a few times a week. I walk every night. I also eat close to the source, not a lot of meat, but definitely a lot of plants. Oh, and there’s one other thing I do…..”

“What’s that?”

“Have lots and lots of sex with my husband. Good exercise, you know?”

“He’s a lucky guy.”

“He is.” She winks.

“On diet, I’ve heard you may have a thing for salt, though?” I ask, teasing her.

She laughs and then looks me over. “And you? Do you workout?”

“The same stuff you do, though I’m not as disciplined with lifting as you are,” I confess.

“What about sex?”

“Yeah, I’m lucky. My wife likes to fuck every day.”

“Oooh, she must be slutty like I am.”

“She is.”

“Does she suck your dick a lot?”

“Oh yeah.”

Lauren chuckles.

“So, Lauren, I can’t help but notice that you’re playing with your literally bigger-than-silver-dollar-sized nipples, which are the picture of perfection. They make my mouth water.”

“I like doing this.”

“Feel good?”

“Why else would I be doing it, silly?”

“Good point. You have really nice breasts, and those nipples….mmmmmm.”

“So I’ve been told. And you have a nice cock,” she says, looking at my fully erect phallus, which I’m now playing with.

“You’ll have some of it soon.”

She air-kisses me, nearly making my heart flutter. Goddamn, she’s so sexy.

“So, Lauren, we should bring our viewers up to speed on what we’re planning to do. You’re gonna lay down and back and I’m gonna eat your pussy. Then, we’re gonna fuck each other. Sound about right?”

“Mmmm, yeah, that sounds right.”

“Where should I cum, Lauren?”

“Wherever you want,” she answers, touching her lips as if to entice me to go for her mouth.

“You have a pretty pussy, by the way. How long have you had the bald look?”

“A long time. Probably 20 or so years?”

“I know you’re bisexual. So when you’re going down on another woman, do you have a preference? Bald, landing strip, something else?”

“Um, I’m good with whatever, but I guess I like, as you say, bald.”

“So, Lauren, on a scale of 1–10, how much do you like having your pussy eaten?”

“Hmmmm, let’s see. An 11?”

“Oooh, yeah, I like that answer. In that case, why don’t you recline a bit and let me feast on your cunt?”

Smiling, she lays back on the bed and pulls up on her long legs, holding her knees with her hands. I get between her legs and easily slide two fingers into her twat, causing her to whimper as she watches me.

“Oh, Lauren, what have we here? You are extremely wet. Did you know that?”

“Yes. That’s what happens when I play with my nipples.”

I can tell she’s really turned on and wants me to pleasure her. She runs her hands through my hair.

I lick deeply into her pussy, tasting as much of her as I can, and bury my tongue as far into her vagina as possible.

“Oh, god, yeah,” she whimpers.

Then I get to work on her swollen clitoris, reaching up and cupping her breasts while I eat her out. I love their ample size. I pinch her nipples, which she enjoys.

“Mmmm, yeah, daddy,” she says softly.

She tastes fresh and clean and I find her wetness simply intoxicating. I want so badly for her to orgasm in my mouth so I can enjoy everything she gives me.

“Use your fingers, daddy,” she begs, now groping her own breasts.

I know exactly what she wants. I slide two, then three, fingers inside her pussy, while I continue to lick her clit. She’s now really getting off, moving her hips in every direction. I can see she’s close to cumming. With my thumbs, I spread her labia, fully exposing her clitoris, which I lick, gently suck on and taste, causing her to moan and whimper.

“Yeah, daddy,” she’s barely able to get out.

I continue my efforts, bringing her to orgasm in my mouth. As she climaxes, I lick deeply into her, careful not to neglect her clit, and enjoy her taste, her orgasm and everything about her.

“Mmmm, that felt so good,” she said sweetly.

She lays there, still, with her eyes closed, as she regroups from what was clearly an intense orgasm. I lick her clit again and she giggles. Then I lift her legs and rim her.

She laughs.

“You’re bad,” she says, clearly enjoying my tongue on her ass.

“I am bad.”

“Are you gonna fuck me?” she asks.

“Of course,” I respond. “But first, a question.”

She looks into my eyes.

“Earlier you said on a scale of 1–10, getting your pussy eaten is an 11. How about getting fucked?”

“By you? A 12.”

“Let’s see if I can live up to that score.”

Without saying a word, she gets on her hands and knees and rests the side of her pretty face against the bed, eager for a deep, hard pounding.

I cup her firm, round ass cheeks as I slide into her, penetrating her depths with all seven of my throbbing inches. I can tell immediately that I’m not going to last long. She’s extremely wet and so turned on that I can feel the ridging of her spongy vagina. Being inside her, feeling what I’m feeling, floods my senses with pleasure and nearly causes me to black out.

“Fuck me, daddy,” she pleads.

Still a bit out of it from the insane rush of pleasure that’s overtaken me, I pull it together enough to give her some hard, deep thrusts, which she loves. I’m still wearing the GoPro and at the foot of our bed we have a camera with a tripod on us.

Lauren turns her wand vibrator on and stimulates her clitoris with it as I pound her.

Then I spank her hard. I spank again and again, causing the slut to squeal with delight.

Then I spread her ass cheeks and stroke her bum with my thumbs, elevating her pleasure.

I’m going all the way into her and thrusting as hard as I can, just the way I know she likes it.

“Lauren, how do you like to be fucked?” I ask, knowing how she’ll respond.

“Like your little bitch, daddy,” she whimpers.

“You’re a slut, aren’t you?”

“Oh, yeah, daddy.”

“A whore.”

“Mmmm, yeah.”

“My little fuck toy.”

“Oh, yeah, daddy. Your fuck toy.”

“You like it deep and hard like a little bitch, don’t you?”

“I love it that way.”

I spank her again.

“Fuck me, daddy.”

Another spank.

Then I again cup her ass cheeks, now feeling within seconds of explosion. She swings her head in such a way that her long, blonde hair flies back, which she knows turns me on. Then she puts the side of her face back against the mattress, content to let me pound her like a back-alley whore.

I go all the way in and erupt, imagining the warm, salty semen spurting out of me, slathering her cervix and filling her vagina. Lauren’s biting her lower lip as I fill her insides like she’s my cum dumpster.

I slide out of her and she turns around and is now on her back. She’s flush. I climb on top of her and lick and gently suck on her nipples, alternating between the two while I fondle her breasts. I can tell she’s enjoying my attention to her tits.

Her creampie is now probably flowing and I get between her legs and shoot some closeups, delighted to find my semen seeping from her vagina.

Eager to please the camera, Lauren fingers some of my seed and feeds it to herself.

I’m getting hard again and desire round 2.

“Lauren,” I suggest, “let’s fuck again. But how how about I fuck you in your ass?”

She looks into my eyes, appearing quite pleased with my idea.

“Mmmm, yeah,” she says.

I grab the Astroglide as she gets back on her knees and into face-down doggy-style.

“But first, daddy, let me suck your dick. Then you can have my ass.”

Here we go…….

Chime in if you’d like to read a potential Part II!

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