Watch Full video Nina Agdal Leaked Video on Twitter

Watch Full video Nina Agdal Leaked Video on Twitter

Full video Nina Agdal Leaked Video

A pornographic video that social media users say features Logan Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal is trending after being shared by Dillon Danis. However, several reports, including this one from DramaAlert, have refuted these claims, saying that the person seen in the video is not Nina. This happened after Logan’s fight with Dillon, who introduced Nina’s dating history in an attempt to mess with Paul.

Dillon shared the recent video following many other posts he has shared on social media about Nina. The video shows a woman, who Dillon believes is Nina, in an intimate setting next to an older man. The woman was caught showing off her private parts. Dillon claimed that he had several other embarrassing photos and videos of Nina, and said: “I want to drop these nuclear bombs on Nina so much that it will literally break the Internet.” The feud between Logan and Dillon reached a boiling point this week when the MMAstar fighter crossed the line in their October 14 bout. On August 8, Paul announced his return to the ring, causing Dillon to start a social media war. Dillon then trolled and harassed Logan, going as far as making sexist comments about Nina. The social media war also pushed Logan to a new low, when he insulted Dillon’s mother, Nikki Danis, calling her a “prostitute.”

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