Susanna Gibson Leaked videos { Watch Full Videos } on Twitter

 A left-wing figure running for a key seat in Virginia’s Place of Delegates had sex acts on his partner in front of an online audience and demanded that observers “tip” him for certain requests, per online recordings, The Washington Post revealed.

Susanna Gibson, a medical nurse and mother of two working in the violent suburb of Richmond, live sex broadcasts follow up on Chaturbate, a stage supposedly named “stroking while talking on the web” as a way of behaving”.

Chaturbate recordings are broadcast live on this site and many times stored in other openly available locations. In September 2022, more than twelve recordings of couples recorded on Chaturbate streams after she participated in challenges were recorded on one of the destinations, Recurbate. Both recordings continue to be documented on September 30, 2022. It is unclear when the live broadcast will take place.

While the recordings have not been recorded on Recurbate, they are currently inaccessible as of Saturday after conservative employees alerted The Washington Post. However, the footage was actually on another unprotected site obtained by The Washington Post. The Washington Post confirmed that there is no doubt that two other openly available sites also show still images from the recording.

Gibson, 40, asked for “tips” on the most proficient way to perform certain activities in the video, a reasonable violation of Chaturbate’s agreement, which states: “Mentioning or mentioning tips for certain activities may result in the banning of all required encounters” from the stage. ”

In no less than two recordings, he told the audience that he was “raising money for a worthy cause.”

In some recordings, Gibson obstructs sexual gestures by typing on his bedside PC. He speaks directly to the screen, empowering observers to leave tips, which are paid through “tokens” purchased through the site. In at least two recordings, he agreed to conduct certain demonstrations only in “secret rooms,” an arrangement that required observers to pay extra. When asked to do a certain activity, he responded, “I want more tokens before I let him do this.” “Tokens, no. Again. Fundraising for a worthy cause.”

When the tip came up, he quickly said “bless your heart” several times and told his wife he would support the demonstration. Gibson began leading his group in addressing the crowd on video, which was viewed by The Washington Post, but at one point his lawyer partner joined in, declaring, “Come on, guys,” repeating his request for tips. In his written statement, Gibson called the arrival of the recordings “an unlawful intrusion into my safety and planned to embarrass us all.”

“It doesn’t worry me and it doesn’t calm me down,” he said. “My political enemies and their conservative partners have shown that they will go after all of us sexually because they will not cross any lines against quiet women when they dare to defend themselves.”

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