Roofied & Raped — An Unexpected Betrayal Video Leaked

When ‘girl code’ clearly didn’t exist…

Iwas finally able to sit upright without vomiting, but the room was still spinning. Tears and mucus leaked from my face. I zipped and buttoned my jeans with shaking hands, grabbed my purse, and looked around for the door.

I stood up, noting the pain between my legs and the creeping ache in my temples, and saw myself in the mirror over the dresser: messy hair, streaks of eyeliner and mascara down my cheeks. My shirt, a sequined blue tube top, shimmered mockingly in the low light.

Opening the door, I realized I would have to walk through the living room to get out. I took a deep breath, straightened my shoulders, steadied my shaking legs, and walked towards the door.

Laughter erupted, and I looked over my shoulder to see three pretty young women sitting on the couch, watching me leave… and laughing.

I slunk out and walked a few blocks away before pulling out my Nokia ‘brick’ phone and calling a friend for a ride.

Only when I knew I had someone coming did I collapse on the ground on a bed of pine needles at the corner of a city park, draw my knees to my chest, lower my forehead to my knees, and release an anguished cry and flood of tears.

I had just been raped, and those girls knew it, facilitated it, and laughed at it.

Seeking acceptance

I was young, barely 19, and working a few service industry jobs to make ends meet. I worked at a pizza shop, and there was a sports bar next door. A couple of us walked over and offered to pick up shifts since the semester was nearly over and their mostly student staff would be leaving.

The manager gratefully accepted. We were on the schedule once or twice a week, and sometimes we’d get called if someone missed their shift.

It was an ideal set-up. We were already there and trained in the business of restaurants, which made life easy for their manager, and we got to pick up a few extra hours a week for really easy work.

During one of my shifts at the sports bar, I met Chad*. Chad was a couple of years older than me, very handsome, tanned skin and charming. He was friends…

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