HORRIFYING: Shani Louk Israel Pick-Up Truck Video Sparks Anger On Social Media, Called ‘Heartwrenching’


A shocking video has gone viral on the internet amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war that portrayed a German woman identified as Shani Louk. At the Hamas pick-up truck, the woman was paraded semi-na*ed. Currently, the Israel pick-up truck video drew outrage throughout the internet.

Netizens and social media users reacted to the video with anger, at the same being expressing their sympathy and grief for Shani Louk and her family in this tough time.

Shani Louk is a German-origin woman. She is currently 30 years old. To attend the ‘Music Festival for Peace’, Shani Louk went to Israel. However, at this moment, Israel was attacked by Hamas. This was a surprise attack with 3200 people injured and 432 people died.

It is heart-wrenching to announce that Shani was seized by terrorists with others.

Shani Louk Israel Pick-Up Truck Video on Twitter is ‘Horrifying’

The video is currently circulating throughout the internet and social media platforms like Twitter showing Shani Louk’s body in the pick-up truck’s back. Various terrorists could be spotted around her. It was also spotted that, the supporters of Hamas were spitting on the body that was semi-na*ed and were cheering as well.


Hamas earlier claimed that the body belonged to an Israeli soldier. On the contrary, Tomasina Louk, Shani’s cousin confirmed that the body belongs to Shani seeing her leg tattoo. It was found that the body belonged to a 30-year-old woman. Shani is a German citizen and also a tattoo artist.

Shani’s cousin told Washington Post that the entire family was aware of the fact that, Shani went to Israel to attend the ‘Music Festival for Peace’. Thus, the family didn’t expect this thing to happen.

Marked as ‘Heartwrenching,’ Netizens Furious on Social Media

Various Social media users called the incident heartwrenching reacting to the viral video of Shani Louk. The Internet users are in great shock coming across Shani Louk’s semi-na*ed body getting paraded.

Various people reacted to the video and called it cruel. People were condemning German women getting targeted by Hamas.

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