Heartbreaking video shows Shani Louk dancing before Hamas terror attack, which mom now thinks she survived


Heartbreaking video shows tattoo artist Shani Louk joyfully dancing at an Israeli music festival before she was stripped naked and paraded by Hamas terrorists — as her mom revealed Tuesday that she now believes she’s still alive.

The 23-year-old woman — who spent part of her childhood in Portland, Oregon — is seen in a new clip online dancing joyously at the Tribe of Nova event in the Negev Desert as she is surrounded by fellow revelers a short time before the massacre, which left at least 260 people dead.

Hours later, the terrorists paraded her naked through the streets on a flatbed truck, while screaming, “Allahu Akbar!” (“God is great!”).

The video was posted when Louk was assumed to be among the murdered, with it being described as “probably the last moments of her before Hamas attacked music festival.”

However, on Tuesday her mother, Ricarda, claimed to have been tipped off by an unidentified Palestinian source that her daughter was actually in a hospital.

“We now have further information that Shani is alive, but has a severe head injury and is in critical condition,” the desperate mother explained in a brief recording shared by Spiegel.

“We ask — no, we demand — that the German government act quickly,” she continued.“This is really my desperate call to the entire country of Germany to help me get my Shani back home healthy.”

The stunning update came hours after it emerged that Louk attended kindergarten at the Jewish Portland Academy.

Shani Louk was captured on video dancing at an Israeli music festival shortly before she was captured and initially feared murdered by Hamas terrorists.

The 23-year-old tattoo artist is seen enjoying herself at the Tribe of Nova event.

She was captured and stripped naked shortly after the joyous moment.

Her teacher from that time, Devorah Spilman, told KOIN that her daughter showed her “the horrendous video” of Shani in Gaza — with terrorists parading her around, singing and dancing.

“And she said, ‘Mom, this girl is from Portland,’” she told the outlet.

She said the family later moved to Germany.

“It’s just breaking our hearts,” Spilman added about Louk’s death. “And when it comes so close to home, I think everybody feels that this is not far away.”

Merrill Hendin, principal of the Portland school, expressed her sorrow about the senseless murder.

“We were terribly saddened at her tragic loss and our hearts go out to her family and to all of the people who were tragically taken,” she told the outlet.

Louk’s aunt, Orly Louk, told German news outlet Der Spiegel that her niece had grown up in Israel, but was a globetrotting pacifist who refused to perform the military service that is mandatory for Israelis.  

She said the last photo Louk posted on social media was a selfie before she headed to the festival near Kibbutz Re’im.

“She often posted selfies on Instagram,” Orly Louk told the outlet as she held out hope that her niece is still alive.

Shani Louk’s was paraded through the streets.

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